About Us

Fire Prevention and Safety Products Expert

Mapleleaf is a brand under FIRE PREVENTION SERVICE PTE LTD, has been making efforts in portable safety products for families and offices. The branches of the company are distributed in different areas of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and South-east Asia. Since 2006, the company has been using high and novel technology to develop techniques, combining the outstanding and professional elites to carry out focal inventions.
Rationale of Mapleleaf
We respect lives. We absolutely value the safety of lives.
We understand that our quality products are to rescue lives.
All our safety products are invented and produced according to the highest standard which always exceeds the quality requirement of local countries.
Due to our concentration, we are professional. We mainly invent those portable and safety products for families and offices.
We will never sacrifice the quality of our products by using a low price to compete in a market.
We have the excellent post-sale services, the fastest time for delivery and the most all-round support in technology.
Gratitude by Mapleleaf

It has been more than 10 years for FIRE PREVENTION SERVICE PTE LTD to be the authority of portable and safe fire prevention products. Since 2006, Mapleleaf has been gaining great support, approval and praise from many government departments, schools, financial organizations, large enterprises and personal customers in various countries. We hereby express our sincere gratitude to them.
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